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"As a criminal defense attorney, clients often ask me which professional bail bonds agent I recommend to get a loved one out jail. Because my professional reputation and opinion are at stake when referring clients to others, I will ONLY refer clients to the team of All Pro Bail Bonds. They are highly ethical, honest beyond reproach, truly care about their clients and give bail bonding advice which is in the client's best interest rather than their own. I have never had a single complaint, only praise and gratitude for referring Cheryl and Dusty to my clients."
Steven, Denver-based Criminal Defense Attorney
"I have practiced criminal defense law for nearly twenty years all over the state of Colorado. In doing so, I have handled many thousands of cases and worked closely with dozens of bail bond agents. My experiences (and those of my client's) have established that there are no more professional, honest, and capable bond agents than Cheryl and Dusty at All Pro. They have proven results on important cases, and deserve the top reputation which they have earned."
Christopher, Denver-based Criminal Defense Attorney
"I would like to thank All Pro Bail Bonds for their outstanding service. Their professionalism and customer service cannot be beat! I highly recommend them!"
Dave - Denver, CO
April 2017
"Dusty, Thank you for your support! You treated me with respect and dignity. In a system that is overwhelming, your guidance and quick response is appreciated. Whenever I needed permission to leave the state or to continue for another court date, you consented within minutes! Again THANK YOU!"
Phillip - Centennial, Arapahoe County
March 2017
"Thank you All Pro Bail Bonds. You are the best!"
Cathy - Castle Rock, Douglas County
February 2017
"Thank you so much Dusty for your help today, I can't tell you how much we appreciate your help!"
Sharon & Norm - Denver, CO
January 2017
"Thank You for your assistance with this matter, I hope I will never need your services again, but if I do you will be my first call! Thanks again!"
Leo R. - Denver, CO
April 2016
"Cheryl and Dusty, I wanted to thank you once again for your help with our situation this past month with my husband. Your kindness and understanding was so incredibly appreciated! With never being in a situation like this, the fact that you took the time to explain things to me and calm me with your down to earth friendliness, just goes beyond words. Thank you again and best wishes to you both for a healthy and happy future."
Cindy - Denver, CO
March 2016
"Dusty at All Pro Bail Bonds was very prompt and professional. He is very knowledgeable about the bonding process and is a pleasure to work with. He answered the phone right away when I called and was able to begin working on my loved one's case immediately. I highly recommend using him!"
Angela - Denver, CO
February 2016
"I was so pleased with Dusty with All Pro Bail Bonds! He was funny, which helped the tough situation a little better. Thank you again!!"
Hannah - Aurora, CO
December 2015
"Thank you All Pro Bail Bonds for all of your help, kindness and compassion related to working with me and my son!"
Mary - Littleton, CO
October 2015
"Once again our son found himself in trouble, I always call Jon at All Pro. He is the best! Thanks Jon!"
Steve - Lakewood, CO
August 2015
"I must say, after calling around to find a bail agent, I called All Pro back. The over all concern for my situation was unbeatable! I would never use anyone else!"
Robert - Aurora, CO
July 2015
"Thank you so much for your prompt and honest service!"
Katherine - Highlands, Ranch, CO
May 2015
"I did not have to use them, however I was given straight answers and appreciate their honesty and if I was every in need of a bondsman I would highly recommend this company. Thank you!!!!"
Vicky - Westminster, CO
April 2015
"I want to Thank Cheryl at All Pro, she went above & beyond to help me get information about my son who got arrested on Spring Break. We live out of State, I was scared and clueless on what to do, she gave me great advice and I'm so happy I listened to her because it worked out for the best. Thank you so very much!"
Michelle - Tulsa, OK
March 2015
"I want to thank Dusty with All Pro Bail Bonds. Being from out of state, he helped answer all of the questions that I asked. He was very informative and I would recommend All Pro Bail Bonds in Denver to anyone needing a bond!"
Patricia - Ohio
March 2015
"Thank you for your amazing help today! You are a true professional, my family thanks you very much!"
Jamie G. - Denver, CO
February 2015
"Thanks again for all of your help with my son."
Monica - Littleton, CO
January 2015
"Thank you Cheryl and Dusty for all your help. Your quick response and professionalism made this happen sooner than we thought possible. We will toast you both with margaritas in Costa Rica."
Jim - Evergreen, CO
November 2014
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at All Pro Bail Bonds for their wonderful service and support. The phrase "Scared? Confused?" described exactly how I felt! I would recommend them to anyone!"
Kelli - Denver, CO
November 2014
"Thank you Cheryl and All Pro Bail Bonds for always being so understanding and compassionate. I would recommend your services to anyone in need. Thanks again!"
Young - Boulder, CO
September 2014
"I would like to thank Dusty and Cheryl. They treated me like family! I would highly recommend them! Thanks again."
Karen - Littleton, CO
August 2014
"I wanted to thank you again for your help and support during this stressful time! Your guidance was really appreciated. The people at All Pro Bail Bonds are truely very special people!"
Debby - Denver, CO
January 2014
"It is an anxious, emotional event, when your son is arrested. But Cheryl and Dusty took away all the fear when they expressed their concern and high level of competency in dealing with the issue at hand. I felt so relieved after speaking to them and their kindness and consideration for me and my son were quite extraordinary. I value their professionalism and I also value their humanity. They are wonderful people and I am highly appreciative of the present and interaction with me."
Daniel - Atlanta, GA
November 2013
"I wanted to Thank You for everything you have done. You did everything possible to help and kept me infomed the entire time. Thus I wanted to say Thank You!"
Kyle - Lakewood, CO
October 2013
"Wow!!! I think that this company really is what Excellent Customer Service is truly all about. This company helped me more than any other bail bond company out there. I encourage you to explore your options and take some advice from Dusty before you make the same mistake I almost did. But please don't just take it from me, you really should check out the other many reviews to see for yourself. And to Dusty and Family you give the true meaning to Sincerity and I wish you and your family nothing but the best! Thanks again All Pro-Bails Bonds."
Dorothy - Denver, CO
January 2013
"I highly recommend All Pro-Bail Bonds. I live in California and my family member's legal trouble occurred in Colorado. The folks at All Pro went above and beyond the call of duty to keep me informed and financially protected during this difficult time. They are a very ethical firm and they are people who really care about people. We have run a family business for over 50 years and we always cared for our clients as people. It is refreshing and encouraging to meet another firm that cares about their clients as people."
Ron - California
September 2012
"I want to thank Cheryl for meeting with me and explaining the process, since I had no idea what to expect. She was a pleasure to talk with and I would highly recommend All Pro!"
Susan - Englewood, CO
September 2012
"I didn't know if I would need the services of All Pro Bail bonds, but contacted them several times throughout the day. I even told them that I may not utilize their services and they were still happy to provide answers to questions and processes. When it was all said and done, I did utilize the services of All Pro and could not have been more pleased. I would highly recommend All Pro for anyone looking for help in, what can be, a complex and drawn out process. Thanks All Pro!"
Bill - Highlands Ranch, CO
August 2012
"I wanted to thank you for your help when you came to our rescue. Dusty came all the way to Elbert County Jail in the wee hours of the night to get my husband released. You have the friendliest, most helpful, non judgemental way. You are the best!"
Wendi - Aurora, CO
July 2012
"Dusty and Cheryl were a very welcome relief during a time of despair. Their knowledge of the process, courtesy and prompt attention was second to none."
Mark - California
June 2012
"Cheryl and Dusty are not only quick and efficient, they are incredibly well versed in what they do. I have used them on more than one occasion and if the need for a bail bond ever arises again, they will be the only source I will use. They are incredibly friendly as well. I would recommend them to any/everyone."
Christopher - Thornton, CO
May 2012
"Dusty was very respectful and compassionate during a very hard time for my family and gave me some very good advice. I highly recommend All Pro Bail Bonds! Thanks so much."
Debi - Pueblo, CO
March 2012
"What a pleasure to have been represented by such wonderful people! I was scared not knowing what to do. I called All Pro Bail Bonds and was treated so kindly. I want to thank Dusty for going out of his way to meet me...he even treated us to coffee ; ) and after speaking with him I felt all the stress and worry leave. Thanks again! I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs assistance."
Katherine - Arvada, CO
January 2012
"I worked with All Pro Bail Bonds and I have to say Dusty was the best and nicest person I have ever worked with. He went way above the call of duty for me and helped me and my family through a very hard time. For all of their hard work thanks a million doesn't even begin to cover how grateful I am. I hope to never need them again but if I did it would be them in a New York minute. Thanks Dusty .... God be with you and your family."
Diane - Salmon, ID
October 2011
"After being arrested in Texas and held without bond and being extradited to Jefferson County, (this took almost a month) I was very worried to say the least about being released. The amazing thing is that I was able to be released within two hours of my arrival (late at night I might add) because of your awesome service. My wife and I are so thankful for the personal, caring and decent treatment you gave us. It meant the world to us and we are very grateful. Thank you for what you do!"
Paul - Weatherford, TX
August 2011
"Cheryl and Dusty are the very finest. They answered all of my questions and made the process a breeze. I recommend them highly! Thanks Again All Pro Bail Bonds!"
Connie - Brighton, CO
July 2011
"I am so truly appreciative of all you have done for my son and our family. It is quite obvious that you are caring people and it shows in your mannerisms and in phone conversations as well. I have no previous experience in this type of stuff and I am positive your names will be said like people say hello to another. I will promote your business as much as possible because YOU FOLKS ARE TRULY CARING AND IT SHOWS. Thank you kindly and sincerely."
Irene - Longmont, CO
June 2011
"THANK GOD for "All Pro-Bail Bonds " My wife was arrested today for a 3 year old charge in another jurisdiction. We were unaware of anything existing as she has never been arrested or charged with anything (50+ years old). All I can say is if you honestly need help and are willing to commit to the right thing....give them a call first. They are a no nonsense "All Pro" bonding company."
Michael B - Aurora, CO
June 2011
"I want to again thank you both for your heartfelt concern. Your professionalism and advice I did not expect from a bail bonds company. Your handling of my questions and concern for not only Brandon, but both Gwen and I is greatly appreciated. If we ever need a bail bond again, there is only one All Pro Bail Bonds."
Steve K - Centennial, CO
May 2011
"Thank you for such prompt service! I was so grateful you answered your phone in the middle of the night (no one else did) and were able to help me. Thank you for coming to my aid so quickly!"
Lynn - Castle Rock, CO
May 2011
"Unfortunately, my 24-year old son drank too much and had a run-in with a cab driver. He was arrested and we had to go to Denver to post bond. We met Dusty, we were worried about what to expect and what we should do next. Dusty told us what to expect from the jail. Dusty actually sat with us trying to put our minds at ease. What a wonderful professional - Hopefully we'll never need a bail bond again but if we do we know who to call!  All Pro Bail Bonds is the GREATEST!"
Carol - Colorado Springs, CO
April 2011
"Dusty and his staff were excellent to work with especially under the circumstances that initiated our encounter. I would recommend them to my friends and family."
Emma - Centennial, CO
April 2011
"Dusty and Cheryl are the best! They are amazing people and I wouldn't recommend anyone else! Thank you so much!"
Betty - Boulder, CO
March 2011
"Thank you All Pro-Bail Bonds. Your kindness and understanding made this process much more manageable. You saved me from so much mental stress! Again, Thank You!"
Robert - Denver, CO
March 2011
"It is so nice to know there are people out there that care about people they don't even know. I was worried about a long time friend in trouble. Just talking to Dusty made my heart at peace. And I know if my friends or family should need someone we will be calling him. And to you Dusty, THANK YOU."
Polly - Denver, CO
January 2011
"We thank our lucky stars we found Dusty and Cheryl...we were in dire straights trying to get a serious situation resolved, from both out of state and out of country and they bent over backwards for us. From people who had no clue what to do or where to turn to help a loved one in crisis, they were absolutely amazing. I would invite them for Christmas dinner, or any dinner, anytime! Thanks again guys...words don't feel like enough to express my/our gratitude!"
Karin - Dallas, TX
December 2010
"I NEVER thought I would need to use a bail bond service . . . what a shock! But, things happen and I am SO GRATEFUL that I found ALL PRO - BAIL BONDS! Cheryl and Dusty were responsive and very friendly (two qualities that I discovered were rare in the bail bond business . . . at least in the experiences I had with other companies BEFORE finding ALL PRO). I spoke with Cheryl multiple times and she is, simply put, super nice. She listened, she explained and she cared about what my husband and I were going through. I’m so thankful I found ALL PRO and for the assistance they provided us!"
Lynn - Los Angeles, CA
December 2010
"You were a God-Send to me and a positive light to my situation. An answer to my prayer. Thank you, thank you for your help. May God bless you and your business."
Glenda - Aurora, CO
November 2010
"Professional, personal, and friendly. Dusty and Cheryl are fine people to work with. I highly recommend their services."
Nick - Knoxville, TN
November 2010
"I really appreciated the information, help, and honesty that I was given from your company when dealing with something I had no experience with!
Thank you!"
Kate - Denver, CO
August 2010
"I can't thank you enough for coming to my rescue. I was completely lost in not knowing what to do when my nephew was arrested for traffic violations. I am so thankful that when I contacted you I immediately knew you were honest, reliable, and would help me get through a very frightening situation. You were so kind and went over and above to help me. I hope that I am never in a position to have to call a bail bondsman again, but if I am it will certainly be you. Thank you so much."
Kathy - Lakewood, CO
July 2010
"I just wanted to thank you for your help with that situation. I was frantic and panicked trying to find help in the middle of the night and when you picked up the phone you were kind and helped me to remain calm by telling me exactly what I needed to do to help my husband. I'm very grateful and you can always count on me for a reference."
April 2010
"I just wanted to say thank you to Cheryl, she is always so very helpful. Whenever I call and need these people are right there. They make you feel like you are the only person they are helping at that very moment. They are fast and professional, I would recommend All Pro to anyone I run into! Thanks for the awesome service you give to your clients!"
Debra - Eastlake, CO
April 2010

"I wish we had met under different circumstances, but hey, sometimes life throws us a curve (or two...ok, or three!) which lead to the pleasure of my husband and I meeting the ALL PRO - BAIL BONDS trio.

We were faced with some serious issues and Cheryl, Dusty and Jon came to our rescue! They handled our situation as if it were a 911 EMERGENCY! To us, it really was--and they responded immediately to our desperate cries for help.

They didn't just 'take the money and run' . . . they actually took the time to meet with us in a comfortable and relaxing environment, as we conversed and exchanged stories during the waiting process.

This is no ordinary bail-bond company, as they truly do wear their company title 'ALL PRO -BAIL BONDS' well, and with pride!

They took a genuine interest in our son, and handled us with care.

There are certain people in this world whom simply leave behind a life-long/lasting impression. Thanks again for everything...we have your number memorized!"

Jenann, Tarek, & Darek - Highlands Ranch, CO
February 2010
"Best in the business! I have never worked with such great people and I have to thank them for everything they did for my husband. You know they work magic if they can make you calm in a situation like this. Thanks to both of you and I wish you the best!!!"
Marlene - Englewood, CO
February 2010
"Thank you both so much for helping my daughter. Dusty it was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for helping through that night! I wish you both the best, but I honestly hope I won't have to call on your services again LOL. I will certainly refer All Pro to anyone needing a bondsman!"
Lauri - Centennial, CO
December 2009
"Dusty was patient and accommodating through it all--and in the space of a couple of hours. If I ever need bond service again, this is the one I'd highly recommend. Very professional."
Vera - Centennial, CO
December 2009
"Dusty, is WONDERFUL!!! I called All Pro early Thanksgiving Eve. He answered the phone, imagine that. Dusty talked me through the process, was not painful at all. He makes you feel comfortable and is easy to talk. Very friendly man. Thank you so very much."
Laura - Aurora, CO
November 2009
"Cheryl met with us yesterday to help us get through this horrible issue with getting our son out of jail. She explained the whole process and made us feel at ease along with a few laughs to ease out the depression and sadness of our situation. We would recommend All Pro to anyone if the need arises. Thanks again Cheryl!!!"
Jeana and Randy - Centennial, CO
July 2009
"I would like to thank Dusty & Cheryl for their professionalism and their sincere caring. They go the extra distance for their clients without a second thought. They don't come any better!"
Bethany - Denver, CO
July 2009
"All Pro is the best.  They were understanding and patient with me, they worked with me and treated me with respect. If I ever need another bond I will call Dusty. He is professional, compassionate and an all around good guy. Thanks Dusty."
Debbie - Englewood, CO
June 2009

"Even when your kid pulls a boneheaded stunt, you don't want them to sit in jail. My daughter did and I live half way across the US.

I've never had to use a bond service before and had no clue about the process. One company tried to make me feel guilty and were nasty to boot.

These folks calmed me down, talked me through the process, charged a reasonable fee, and worked with me to get her out of jail within an hour.

I hope we never have to deal with a bondsman again, but if we do, it will only be with these folks. They're professional, friendly, fast, honest, and just plain nice folks."

Crystal - Chicago, IL
April 2009

"In the course of life, s**t happens, as did with my son with the Denver, Colo., criminal system last year. As a frantic mother in Canada, I had trouble securing bail through many (and I mean many) bail-bond services. I’d almost given up and thought all was lost, until I contacted All Pro Bail Bonds service. To say that All Pro Bail Bonds was a god-send is putting it in mild terms.

On a professional level, the owners and staff at All Pro Bail Bonds services were respectful, understanding, honest, expedient, caring, and very importantly worked with me, rather than against me to raise necessary collateral. In addition, they took the time to listen to me, and explained due processes so I could better understand the situation.

And as if that wasn’t enough, All Pro Bail Bonds services were extremely courteous and considerate to my needs, in that they were expedient and went out of their way to return the bail monies immediately. In my mind, and experience “Humanitarian” is an excellent descriptor in naming the kind of assistance I received from All Pro Bonds services in Denver, Colorado, the good old US of A. My family respectfully and wholeheartedly offer our sincere appreciation to All Pro Bail Bonds services, and wish you god-speed in the hard and good work that you do.

In the spirit of Brotherhood, Thank You."

Betsy - British Columbia, Canada
March 2009
"Thank You and God Bless! What a joy doing business with such professionals!"
Michael - Littleton, CO
February 2009
"Thank you so much for your help, because without you my son would still be in jail. I appreciate your help more than you will ever know. I will put the word out about your services to everyone I know. You guys are the BEST!"
Kathleen - Aurora, CO
January 2009
"It helped tremendously to have Dusty there helping us to go through what was new for me.
Second time around, I knew exactly who to call."
Jacque - Highlands Ranch, CO
December 2008
"Thank you so very, very much for all your help last night (middle of the night). We were desperate for some answers and you were the ONLY one who talked us through this awful experience. We made many calls and no one would help. Thank you again for calming all of our nerves."
Tom - Fort Collins, CO
October 2008
"Dusty was so professional and reassuring (not judgemental or abrupt) regarding my son's possible need for a bail bond. He took time to answer my questions and explain the process, but didn't push. Blessings & many thanks!"
Cindy - Houston, MO
October 2008
"If you want someone that has your back and answers the phone and knows their business. Call Cheryl and Dusty!  Thanks for everything!"
John - Boulder, CO
September 2008
"At 1:30 in the morning I got a call from my son. The call no parent wants to get. I got on the internet to see who I should call for help. Living two states away I felt helpless. I called All Pro and they gave me all the information I needed. They also called to see if everything worked out . I can't thank them enough for all their help and kindness. Thank you!!!!!"
Cheryl - Ozark, MO
September 2008
"Incredible, honest, lightning fast service. Dusty was proactive and very competent and followed through on his words....don't think twice on using his service!"
Bill - Larkspur, CO
September 2008
"Dusty was helpful answered all of my questions and offer advice at no charge.  That builds quality relationships, I'll definitely be using All Pro-Bail Bonds!"
Joe - Englewood, CO
August 2008
"Meeting Dusty was like meeting an influential family member. What he said he can do, he did. Listened to the situation and gave the advice and re-assurance that one needs in times of trouble. Thank you."
Shane & Michelle - Arvada, CO
July 2008
"Treated like family, I have used them three times now, and have always been treated like family. "THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS." Highly recommend. Thanks so much for all your kindness."
Tracey - Lakewood, CO
June 2008
"Cheryl was the best. I was in a situation I did not understand and she explained the process and made me understand what was going to happen. She even followed up with a phone call to tell me the bond had been posted. Thank you Cheryl, you were great to work with and I appreciate your professionalism and promptness in a very scary situation."
Kathy - Antioch, IL
March 2008
"I am so thankful for the kindness we have received from All Pro Bail Bonds. We were very fortunate to find such a reputable company. Thank you so much!"
Ruth - Lakewood, CO
March 2008
"Not only did these people do a great job. They are, quite simply, the best! I recommend them without reservation."
Judi - Colorado Springs, CO
February 2008
"Wow this man is top notch when it comes to bailing a person out, thank god for them, thanks."
Debra - Westminster, CO
February 2008
"My son is has had many troubles with the law, so much so that I have seen my share of Bondsmen, most bail bond agents are frankly rude and crude, but Dusty and Cheryl are NORMAL PEOPLE! Dusty was so nice and understanding about the whole situation and gave me answers that I actually understood, they made my son's arrest a lot less scary and a lot less stressful. THANKS GUYS!"
Tom - Aurora, CO
January 2008
"I can't even begin to tell what an excellent job this man did for our family. He was very fast, explanatory on all suggestions, trustworthy, and a very workable and warm person. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of help or guidance. This is one honest man I felt very comfortable with to help with our problem."
Terri - Littleton, CO
"Thank you so much for making such a scary situation not so scary! I was so pleased with how we were treated. It felt like I was talking with a friend. Thank you again for going above and beyond!!"
Stephanie - Westminster, CO
"What a pleasure to work with professionals who were competent and willing to go the extra mile. Thanks so much for your quick response and help."
Kathleen - Bradenton, FL
"The people I interacted with were respectful, nice, thorough, honest, not intimidating, and made the process as easy as possible. They came highly recommended by others in the business as well."
Jim - Denver, CO
"I want to thank you for getting my daughter out of jail so quickly. You are the only ones out of the 10-15 that I called that helped me. I appreciate it more than you can know, God bless you!"
Bee - Fort Worth, TX
"I contacted many of the companies listed. Of those I spoke with, these people were the best. The process was explained to me completely. Fast and concise. What they said was exactly what happened! If you are worried, worry no more. I would highly, highly recommend this company."
Lisa - Glendale, CO
"The Best of the Best!"
Mike - Littleton, CO
"Fast, Honest, Highly recommended, I would do business with them again!"
Brian - Littleton, CO
"I was pleased I found All Pro. The staff is great! What they said they did! Thank You so much for making this so easy to understand!"
Bill - Englewood, CO
"Treated with class and with respect during a hard time. Would recommend to anyone!"
Ryan - Parker, CO
"We were pleasantly surprised to find such friendly people! Thank you again!"
Roger - Castle Rock, CO

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